the younger generational to actually go out there and bios that’s what they really want us to do property valuation sydney is just go on by these houses we could keep on inflating the market because .

he property valuation sydney cages need of course the debt to inflate because their debt that they borrow becomes cheaper I had a discussion with this guy ongoing to mention.

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a name he was saying that oh you know we need you know businesses and everybody to get into death so we could you know keep them the system

going that’s the problem it’s that that that’s the problem well what if you could just you know not have Togo into a whole bunch of that why do

weave to get involved into all this mass amounts of that I know business owners that run their life they’re very successful they have zero amount of

debt and they’re innovating they’re creating jobs and so on you don’t need a mass amount of debt.

floating around to scythe system and of course they believe that the government should issue a whole bunch of that and spend it into an economy so you grow the economy that’s what we care about this

growing the economy so they can make more taxable income to them pay off the more months of you know debt that t