Property Valuers buying a land plot for the construction of a storehouse

Property Valuers, The current time was marked by a deficiency in the ready-made storage request. There are numerous reasons for this the expansion of large commerce, deals laid over during the epidemic. Unsatisfied demand also accumulated, the growth of which was fueled by inventors who put their plans on pause.
In this regard, the purchase of a land plot for unborn construction has come the most popular option for investing in artificial and storehouse requests. Philip Chaika, Partner, Head of Warehouse and Industrial Real Estate atIPG.Estate spoke about an effective approach to chancing land.

Property Valuers

We make hunt criteria
Investment interest in the land bank ofSt. Petersburg and the region is fueled by two main factors. First, the quantum of land suitable for artificial construction is large. Secondly, the purchase of the point will allow you to save finances at the current affectation until the new proprietor starts new construction.
Of course, the investor aims to buy the most liquid asset. Differences in the preparedness of spots, their closeness to the main logistics routes, and pricing principles make it delicate to get a complete picture of the force request. thus, it’s worth structuring the hunt system, starting with the budget.
Geographic distribution of prices
The purchase of a land plot is the least of the investor’s costs. Of the total investment in the construction and launch of a storehouse or product, it’s 5- 8. But there are still price differences
• In the south ofSt. Petersburg, the cost of a storehouse starts from 10- 15 million rubles/ ha at a distance of 20- 25 km from the Ring Road. The near to the megacity the point is located, the advanced its cost; the order of prices in the south starts from 26 million rubles/ ha.
• In the north ofSt. Petersburg, buying land is more precious for an investor than in the south. therefore, prices for land plots to the north of the Ring Road can reach 35- 40 million rubles/ ha and further.
The inventor considering the academic construction of a storehouse is looking to get the most fiscal benefit from his design and is more likely to conclude for a southerly direction. But when choosing land for their own requirements, the investor must do from their logistical requirements.

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